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Draw 50 flowers, trees, and other plants

13 ноября 2009 in Дизайн

Draw 50 flowers, trees, and other plants

Заглавие: Draw 50 flowers, trees, and other plants
Издательство: Broadway
Год: 1994
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6.50 MB
Gr. 3-6. Like others in Lee J. Ames%27 popular, ongoing, virtually wordless series, this book, which he%27s done with P. Lee Ames, will be a great help to art novices wanting to hone skills while turning out impressive, sophisticated sketches. As usual, the process starts with a foundation sketch of simple lines and shapes. Then there%27s a series of increasingly detailed pictures(there are between 6 and 12 separate sketches on a page)that culminate in a fully developed drawing. The difficulty level of the plants is nicely varied, and the sequences are as thoughtfully orchestrated as ever. However, the green pencil used in the demonstration sketches is occasionally too light to be seen easily. Artists who want to search out more about an interesting-looking specimen will appreciate the inclusion of each plant%27s common and scientific names.
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